Country Spain
Age 19
Levels 6 (1 starred)
Other Info
Crew None
Position 1047 (Global)
YouTube Channel [1]

SoulsTRK is a highly skilled Geometry Dash player from Spain. He has completed a lot of very hard demons: The Ultimate Phase, old Cataclysm, Landect, Retention, Madhouse, 8o, Phobos and Bloodbath. On April 28, Souls verified AcropoliX, a 2.0 updated remake of Acropolis by Zobros, which is much harder than the original Acropolis. It's considered an extreme/insane demon level. He is currently beating Artifical Ascent as he is doing daily streams of it.


  • Demon Levels
  • Unrated Levels
    • Challenge TRK
    • Penetured
    • Random Day
    • TFE challenge
    • Dream of Blue
    • Spider Challenge
    • We are TRK


  • His nickname is a combination from 2 words, "TRK" comes from his dog called "Tork" [2], and "Souls" comes from "cool english words".
  • His most popular video is about him beating 8o by Zobros.
  • Casually, he changes the "K" from "TRK" for example: Souls TRKam, Souls TRespond (Souls TRAnswers) or Souls TRKuack.
  • Souls is one of the 3 people who beat Bloodbath with a Twitch stream and YouTube video legitimately, the others being Riot and GD Quasar.
  • He is one of the major Geometry Dash YouTuber who have reached 100,000+ subscribers, the others are AleXPain24Riot, EricVanWilderman, Bycraftxx, GuitarHeroStyles, ViPriN, Partition, and MiKha.
  • He is also one of the major Geometry Dash YouTuber to have a verified channel (Which is being marked by a check in a box), the others are AleXPain, GuitarHeroStyles, ToshDeluxe, MiKha, TheGrefg, Bycraftxx, Riddle Zone, Partition, and RobTop's own YouTube channel.
  • He was the 4th to complete Phobos.
  • His real name is Roger.
  • He is usually in Guitar's videos.
  • His persona or personality is known to be pretty quirky and weird but endearing/loveable.

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