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Sound of Infinity
Sound of infinity end screen
Level Information
Creator Psychomaniac14 and more
Difficulty Extreme Demon Extreme Demon (presumably)
Stars 10Star (presumably)
Level ID TBA
Song Sound of Infinity
Composer F-777

Sound of Infinity is an upcoming 2.1 Extreme Demon collaboration created by Psychomaniac14 and more.

Description Edit

This level uses 1.7 design, using colored objects. In addition, it uses jump orbs from Update 2.1 as well as rotating objects. This level is still currently in the early development stages so anything seen may look drastically different in the final version. Due to the extreme difficulty of it, it is mainly considered an extreme demon, possibly even matching the difficulty of Silent levels.

Gameplay Edit

The level starts off with a moderately hard cube section, which contains the first coin in an alternate path above the main route. After the cube section is a mini-ship section which contains both straight flying and curvy flying, and a bit of memory. After this, it transitions into a very tough wave section for a bit, then back to a mini-ship section, which contains lots of straight flying

After this is a short wave section, followed by a dual cube-ball section. A short way into it, it changes into a dual ball section with lots of spamming required. After this is a short wave section followed by a very tough mini-wave section. After the mini-wave section you turn back to normal size for a very tough wave section. After this you turn back into a cube for a short and easy cube section, followed by a very short ship section, followed by an even shorter robot section. After this is a mini-UFO segment, which involves hitting lots of pink orbs to stay away from sawblades.

After this is a transition cube section with a single jump. After this, you hit a dash orb that sends you to an extremely tough mini-ball section which involves very precise timing. After this is a short mini-ship section followed by a transition cube section. After that is an extremely tough dual cube segment. After this is a short swing-copter section, followed by another extremely tough dual cube segment. After this it transitions quickly to a dual cube-ball segment, then a dual cube segment, then another dual cube-ball segment, followed by another dual cube segment.

After this is a transition cube segment into a mini-cube segment that involves very precise timing. Some of the gameplay in this segment was inspired by Fexty. After this is a mini-ship section that involves a lot of straight flying, followed by another cube segment that requires some memory. After this is an extremely tough mini-wave segment, and this also contains a key required for the second coin. (however in the most recent copyable it is marked as an actual coin) After this is a short cube segment, followed by a mini-spider section that requires extremely precise timing. After this is another cube segment that requires very precise timing, and some spam as well later on in it.

After this is a short robot segment where the second coin is located in an alternate route. After this is another cube section, followed by a short mini-ship segment that requires a lot of straight flying. After this is a cube segment. In the second half of the cube segment, some memory is required. After this is a ball segment, that also requires some memory. Following this is a mini-ship segment, followed by another cube segment, that also includes the first set of triple spikes in the level. After this is another mini-ship segment, followed by a robot segment that requires extremely precise timing

After this is another cube segment, and this requires quite a bit of memory. This also contains the second, and last, set of triple spikes. After this is the first boss fight, which is currently unfinished. After this is a very long cube segment that requires precise timing and some spam, thanks to layered orbs. After this is a long ship segment that requires a lot of straight flying and some extremely precise timing. After this is a short transition into the second boss fight, which is also unfinished. After this the level ends, showing the dedications and the end screen. At the very end you will get a free coin.

Participants Edit

(as of November 15, 2017)

The following people are participating in this collaboration:

  • Psychomaniac14
  • Sliferboii
  • treblaj999
  • Sim
  • TheRealIceCube
  • Sky Jax (verifier)

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible to assume that the level is set to take a significantly long time to build, as Psychomaniac14 said that he would decorate the level, but is busy due to school.
    • He later made it into a collaboration as he realized that it was going to be significantly harder to do than he had actually realized.
  • In the preview, it says "All past this line is new -->" at the beginning of the level, right after the first obstacle.
    • Although it seems like the creator just started making it, the level has been in development for a long time now. It is unsure of how long though, as all evidence of how long it has been in development outside of an early copyable has been lost to the Internet.
    • However it is possible that the level has been in development since extremely early in 2.0
  • He has since released three more previews for the level
    • The combination of all of these previews show almost the entire level so far (according to Psychomaniac14).
    • Psychomaniac14 himself said it is harder than Soul Circles V2.
  • treblaj999 has quit the collaboration. However, his name is still present in the list of people participating in it due to the fact that he built the end screen.

Walkthrough Edit

Sound of Infinity preview 1

Sound of Infinity preview 1

The first official preview of Sound of Infinity. Credits to Psychomaniac14 for this footage.