Space Robots
Level Information
Creator Geometrydude200 and Jarjarjoel
Difficulty N/A
Stars 0Star (3 Requested)
Level ID 33672798
Song [ Electro ] Frontlines
Composer Dexarson

Space Robots is Geometrydude200's 3rd level and it is a collab with Jarjarjoel. It is about 10 seconds longer than his other level, Space Pirates, but is still medium in length.


Cube 0%-17%, Robot 17%-22%, Spider 22%-33%, Wave 33%-43%, Cube 43%-64%, Spider 64%-85%, Cube 85%-100%.


There is only one coin in this level:

  • The coin is located at 42%. 2 Keys are required to unlock the coin though, the first one is located at 20%, the player must jump with the robot as high as possible to collect it. The second key is located at 34%, the player must collect the first coin to get D blocks to move so that the wave can go through some blocks at 34%. The coin will then appear at the top in 42%. If neither one of the keys, or only one is collected, there will be some white blocks with a keyhole instead of the coin.


  • Jarjarjoel's part starts at 44%.
  • In the comments of the level, Geometrydude200 points out that the levels in the space series are meant to have little or no design.
  • A couple days after the release, Geometrydude200 posts on his account that he is working on adding a little bit more deco to Space Robots.

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