Space Travel
Level Information
Creator Psychomaniac14
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 0 Star
Level ID 21182886
Song Flirt Flirt oh It Hurts
Composer Holyyeah

Space Travel is a very long 2.0 level by Psychomaniac14.

Description Edit

The level is normally considered as a very hard demon, due to lots of trolls and tight spaces. On the description, it says that the creator, Psychomaniac14 has uploaded 4 other previews. The level is exactly 3 minutes 32 seconds long, close to one of the longest rated levels.

User coins Edit

There are three user coins in this level.

  • At 2%, if the player hits the yellow orb on the first frame (achieved by holding the jump button before you hit the yellow orb) and avoid the green orb completely, letting go after hitting the yellow orb, the player will drop onto a very hidden ledge and grab the first coin.
  • At 22%, if the player keeps holding while turning into ship, then the player will be able to get the second user coin. This route may seem easier but if the player avoids the second coin, the player will fly into a trigger that toggles off a set of saws at the top.
  • At 25%, the player can skip the first ship part and get the user coin. If the player successes to get the third user coin, then the player will be turned into a ship and will be able to continue the level.

Trivia Edit

  • There is an auto version of this level.
  • All the sequences and portals are used.
  • The creator, Psychomaniac14 nerfed several parts.
    • The unnerfed version is hacked with the last mini wave section. It was nearply impossible and the last ball and mini ball sections were actually impossible, but Psychomaniac14 managed to verify the nerfed version without hacking.
  • The level is lacking of decorations on many parts such as the ship part with lots of sawblades.
  • Psychomaniac14 added an object that can only be obtained through hacks. He was able to use it through a level. Cyrillic uploaded called Ultra Challenge Wave. It is a copyable level that includes two hacked objects.
  • In the first triple speed mini UFO section move triggers are used to replicate quadruple speed.