Level Information
Creator LazerBlitz
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 17013102

Composer F-777

Spacelocked is a 2.0 Hard Demon created by LazerBlitz, the creator of other mixed dual demons such as Ultra Drivers. The level is said to be a V2 or remake of Deadlocked V3 by Noriega.

Overview Edit

This level is LazerBlitz's fifth created demon in-game. It utilises a huge amount of moving objects throughout the level, inspired by most parts of Deadlocked V3. The level is widely considered as a Medium Demon.

Gameplay Edit

The level starts as a moderately hard cube segment, with a few tricky jumps and timings. There is a 'Toggle Earthquake Mode' trigger which act as an actual low-detail mode in-game to fix lag spikes. There are several moving objects in this part designed to disorient and confuse the player, causing him/her to crash at a infrutiating part. Halfway of the cube part turns into double speed, with a much more easy but annoying timings, the last part of the first cube is partly auto, as the word "SPACELOCKED" appears. The player is then transported into another part, the words "WATCH OUT!" can be seen, then the song drops as the player enters a very annoying triple speed ship sequence. The first boss fight is introduced in this part, this part can be quite annoying, due to the abnormal hit-boxes throughout this part, the boss can be seen firing lasers and launching a somehow, so-called 'fist.' Afterwards, the player enters a brief wave segment consisting of mostly gravity changes and timing. Then, the player enters another ship sequence, then a UFO section, which can be quite frustrating because this part has an annoying amount of abnormal hit-boxes, numerous invisible gravity portals designed to throw off the player, and hard timings. Next, the player enters an easy cube segment (note that in this part, the boss will flee away), then followed by a very brief mini wave mode, the portal is being marked by a 'Wave' figure. Then, followed by a cube mode often involve with jump rings. Then, the player enters a ball segment, which is then followed by a mini wave section. This can be quite difficult because of the slopes via hitboxes suddenly moving and appearing throughout this segment, which requires more on timing. Afterwards, the player is then transported to the next segment. The player then enters a half speed mini cube section. Here, there is a second low-detail mode that can be seen, then the boss itself will reappear again (as mentioned earlier, it flees in the first part). Then, followed by the most annoying and hardest part of the level which is a dual cube segment, then later followed by a straight-flying ship segment, then a brief dual ball mode, which is then succeeded by a mixed dual of ball and ship, similar to those of LightWave, then a mini wave/cube mixed dual, then a UFO and wave which closely resembles the mixed dual segment of Ultra Drivers. After that, the annoying dual part ends here, and then followed by an another straight-flying ship segment. The player must carefully time/control their flight as the boss rapidly fires lasers to kill the player. The screen fades into white then, followed by an another mini wave mode consisting of mashing, then a ship mode. After that, a moderately hard dual cube section, which is then, followed by a UFO mode. The next game mode is a ship mode, followed by a rather fairly easy cube segment, then the final part of the boss fight ends at this part, which is a ship mode, the boss will fire its last projectiles, however it doesn't shoot lasers in its mouth while the screen fades into white. Then, the player enters a cube section, then a robot segment, then the two segment will repeated again, but with a different timing and part, the words "DEDICATED TO NORIEGA," "DEADLOCKED V3 V2," and "PASS: 57282" can be seen towards the last part. Then, the level ends as a robot segment, while the screen fades into white as the words "LAZER" and "SPACELOCKED" can be seen towards the end.

User Coins Edit

This level contains 3 user coins:

  • The first user coin is located at the first cube mode at 15%. Here, the player must click the first two green jump rings but not the other 2 before the auto the part of the cube mode, then the player hits an invisible jump pad, allowing him/her to successfully claim the first coin.
  • The second user coin is located at 35%. Here, the player will just simply skip the ramp towards the normal route, falling over and leading him/her into the coin route, getting the second coin.
  • The third coin is located at 97%, at the last part the player must let himself/herself fall at an invisible spike. However, it won't kill the player due to an invisible ramp, and then after that he/she can collect the last coin.

Fails Edit

  • EricVanWilderman crashed at 98% on his Twitch stream, specifically the last small spike in the level, which is also the last spike in the entire level.
    • He calls this his worst fail yet.

Walkthrough Edit

Geometry Dash - Spacelocked - -DEMON- - By LazerBlitz

Geometry Dash - Spacelocked - -DEMON- - By LazerBlitz

Credits to Riot.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a 2.1 sequel to this level called Spacelocked II, released by the same creator, LazerBlitz. Unlike this one, it is currently rated an Insane Demon.