GDSpeed -S-
Country Denmark
Age 14 and 16
Levels 40 (4 starred)
Other Info
Crew The Idiots, GeoStorm
Position Unknown
YouTube Channel [1]

GDSpeed are both Geometry Dash players, and are known for being two brothers sharing one account. Both of them are semi-known creators. The older brother is known for being part of the Geometry Dash Forums and is also known for being part of TI. The younger brother is known for handling the Youtube channel, beating hard demons, and being part of GS.

They started playing Geometry Dash during 1.7, when young Speed's friends showed him the game. Then he showed the game to his older brother and they continued to this day. They bought the game during 1.8.

GDForums User Page


  • One of Speed's most famous levels is Enlightenment . It got known because it scored 2nd Place in Viprins contest.
  • The younger Speed used to have an account called Sato.
  • The older Speed is known on the forums for changing his username and profile pic once in awhile.
    • The usernames are usually based on Pokemon.
  • The younger Speed is most responsible for handling the Youtube Channel and keeps beating hard demons.
    • The older Speed also post other videos, like Osu or Top 10's.
  • The older Speed has 3000 stars, while the younger Speed has 5000 stars. Their other stats are also different.
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