For more uses, see SpikeMania EXPLAINED.

Level Information
Creator Mr Plow and ClickBaitGD
Difficulty Hard Hard
Stars 5Star
Level ID 18387099
Song Unity
Composer TheFatRat

SpikeMania is a hard 2.0 level, considered to be one of the worst of them in the game by numerous players, considering it was made and rated in 2.0.


This level was created during Update 2.0 by Mr Plow and ClickBaitGD. It is currently rated Hard 5* with 3 Bronze User Coins and uses the song Unity by TheFatRat.


This was a collaboration consisting of two players: Mr Plow and ClickBaitGD. The level was uploaded in mid-late 2.0, and went relatively unnoticed when it was first released. But on a Twitch Stream that Monkey was on, RobTop joined. He was doing questions such as "I'm thinking of a number between BLANK and BLANK, what is it?" and people who correctly guessed it got one of their levels rated. He then asked a riddle, which Monkey got right, and RobTop said to Monkey that he would rate one of his levels, and Monkey sent him SpikeMania.

RobTop told Monkey, "Needs more detail, but it's rated." The level ended up getting rated Hard 5*.

In addition, RobTop also commented on the level, saying, 'Twitch riddle winner :D'.

Once SpikeMania got rated, it immediately gained lots of likes, but also got lots of hate, with it being criticised for not having much detail and looking ugly.


  • This level has a Like to Downloads ratio of just under 10%.
  • RobTop's comment on this level currently has more than 100 dislikes, making it his most disliked non-hacked comment.
  • An update to the level cannot happen because the level has been permanently deleted by the creator, who states that he doesn't want anything to do with the level anymore.
  • While ClickBaitGD has expressed interest in updating SpikeMania, Mr Plow said he doesn't care about the level anymore.

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