For more uses, see SpikeMania.

Level Information
Creator Mr Plow
Difficulty Hard Hard
Stars 0Star
Level ID 22329095
Song Glorious morning
Composer Waterflame

SpikeMania EXPLAINED is a level by Mr Plow. As it name suggests, it explains how SpikeMania was made, and how it got rated, due to numerous amount of hate on the original level.


After the sheer amount of hate that this level got, Monkey created another level known as, 'SpikeMania Explained', which explains everything involving SpikeMania.

This is what it said:

"Hi everyone.

This is a message to everyone who has played SpikeMania.

It will explain how it was made, why it was rated, and hopefully clear up some hate.

Firstly: How it was made.

SpikeMania was a small collab level between me and CrunchyBapple.

(Now known as ClickBaitGD.)

It was one of my first ever levels, and I was struggling to finish it, so CB helped me out.

I was new to creating, and therefore the level was not very good.

I had a few other levels at the time, but this was my best one.

And that leads us on to how it got rated.

I was in a Twitch stream when RobTop joined it, and he was doing level requests.

He was doing things like "I'm thinking of a number between BLANK and BLANK. What is it?"

Then he asked a riddle:

"If you look at the numbers on my face, you won't find 13 any place. What am I?"

The answer was obviously "A clock" but I was the only person who got it.

He then asked me for a level ID, and I panicked and gave him SpikeMania.

He then said "Could use some more detail, but it's rated."

And that was that.

It instantly got thousands of downloads and likes, getting me the icons I thought I'd never get.

However it did (and still is) getting hateful comments.

People have stood up for the level, but this isn't necessary.

I know it's shit.

The level has done it's part, and no longer means anything to me.

It got RATED, not FEATURED, because I got lucky.

Not because it was a good level.

I hope you understand a bit better now and think twice before hating.

I love you all no matter what.

Thank you for watching.


P.S. Don't accuse people of being jealous.

They're just angry that this piece of shit was rated and not their amazing levels.

And that's okay so just let them be."

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