Spike Spike
Spike Spike
Level Information
Creator RobTop
Difficulty NA N/A
Stars 0Star
Level ID 130 (Deleted)
Song Base After Base
Composer DJVI (a.k.a. Sound Ward)

Spike Spike was the second online level ever made, and the first and also the only (excluding editor examples) online level made by Geometry Dash's creator, RobTop himself.

Gameplay Edit

The level is clearly short, yet neat. The level starts with some simple and short triple spike jumps. The player then goes on towards an area with simple jumps and noticeable traps. It is not very hard but it is very easy to fall onto some of the traps. After the cube, the player will enter a very short and simple ship segment. The level then ends.


  • It has been rumored that this level contains moving objects at the end when the player completes the level.
    • However, this is just due to the transition effects.
  • This was RobTop's only online level made in Geometry Dash, but this was before his editor examples.
  • As of October 31, 2016, the level got deleted after a hacker named Anaban hacked RobTop 's account.

Walkthrough Edit

Geometry Dash - Spike Spike - by RobTop (Level Request -198)

Geometry Dash - Spike Spike - by RobTop (Level Request -198)

Credits to ToshDeluxe for this video