Level Information
Creator Nuclear Nacho
Difficulty Demon Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 26906729
Song Dex Arson - Embers Ft. Stacey Hunt
Composer Dexarson

Spliced is a demon level made by Nuclear Nacho.


This level is considered to be an Easy Demon by the creator, Nuclear Nacho. The level also features some trolls and tricky parts.

User coinsEdit

The level features 3 User coins.

  • The first coin is located at 5%. The player must use an invisible pink orb to get to the coin.
  • The next coin is in the first UFO part. There are 3 segments with each keys separated in each segment. After collecting all 3 of them, the player can collect the coin.
  • The last coin is at the Ball part which is located at 58%. The player must stay at the top in order to collect the invisible coin.


  • At 2%, if the player failed to jump to the upper platform, the text "lol rip" will appear.
  • Death can be avoided at the 2% "lol rip" Easter egg by jumping with nearly frame-perfect timing.
  • In Nuclear Nacho's Discord chat, he said that anyone who beats this level with proof will earn a special role.