Square Adventure
Level Information
Creator Diamond
Difficulty Hard Hard
Stars 4 Star
Level ID 61757
Song Stereo Madness
Composer Foreverbound

Square Adventure is a Hard 4* level created by Diamond. This is the second level in the Normal Pack.


The level is quite easy overall but ridiculously hard for inexperienced players as the level gets progressively harder. After several game updates, the level now features numerous obstacles such as 1.9 gears, saw-blades, speed portals, and size portals. This level is considered one of the most annoying Hard levels because of the ridiculous number of bugs and different paths within the level.


The level starts with a cube segment. The word: "Easy" will appear after a moment. There are few jumps, and fakes can be seen in the level. Then, this is followed by a ship sequence. There is an arrow made up of blocks that will help the player guide through the right path. Then, the same path will be altered as the player's gravity changed. The next part is slightly harder, due to the huge amount of fakes, trolls, and timings. The color scheme of the level turns into black, very similar to Can't Let Go's cube segment. Then, the last part is a second ship sequence where speed portals, sizes, decorations, and 1.9 saw-blades are introduced. This is quite easy as there are narrow passages throughout the ship sequence. Then, the level ends.


Geometry Dash Map Pack Series - Normal Pack - Square Adventure (by Diamond) All Coins01:32

Geometry Dash Map Pack Series - Normal Pack - Square Adventure (by Diamond) All Coins

Credits to Muzik Bike. This video shows the full walkthrough of Square Adventure.


  • Although being rated hard, many beginners consider this level very difficult.
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