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Level Information
Creator 275099
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars 0Star
Level ID 30874465
Song KzX - Stalemate
Composer Kayoszx

Stale is a Silent Level created by 275099. It is the most recent official silent level, and was released around February 2017. It is impossible due to tight wave spaces and orb spam. The level was verified via a secret way accessed by the low detail mode bug where you can put an object in high detail and use a low detail switch that only appears in the editor.


The level starts off with a half speed mini wave segment. Here, the space is just tight enough for the wave to fit through, which is the first and one of the only possible parts. Next, there is a one-space normal wave section made of hedge spikes, which is the second possible part. Next, the impossible parts start. Ice spikes less than half a block wide with a mini wave. Then, there are slope spikes one tenth of a space wide and form a "mouth" with blue jump orbs as eyes. After this, there is a one tenth space mini wave section that leads into a regular narrowing straight wave corridor which turns into a mini wave, followed by a regular wave corridor. This leads to another mouth, which has visible teeth and red orb eyes.This turns into a miniwave Flappy Bird-like section with one space flight. After this, there is a one fifth space regular wave in flipped gravity. This leads to a one-space jump orb spam section. The next part in the level is a big monster with less than tight enough spaces for a mini wave, and then it turns into a regular wave, which is practically impossible. This turns into a long road of ice spikes which starts in mini and goes into regular. This leads to a series of monsters with curving regular spike teeth less than one space wide and green jump orb eyes. This leads into a corridor of narrowing spikes in regular wave form. At the buildup, the player enters a cube section, where he/she has to jump on two red jump orbs. At the drop, the player transforms into a mini wave, and has to go through a half space Acropolis-style wave at three speed. This lasts for the last 48% of the level.

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