Level Information
Creator Mask463
Difficulty Medium Demon Medium Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 308891
Song Stereo Madness
Composer Foreverbound

StarQuake is a demon level created by Mask463.


StarQuake is second demon level in the map pack, Demon Pack 2 Along with Super Cycles and Hextec Flow, even though the level has extremely annoying parts, the level is still generally considered, an easy demon.


StarQuake has only one sequence, which is a cube. The level is moderately difficult, due to the huge numbers of fakes, trolls, crucial timings, and extremely hard memory.

The level remains dark with different object colors at some point, however at the last part of the level, the color scheme is seems to be orange in general.

The level's size is mostly mini, rather than a normal size cube mode. However, there are some buggy parts in the level.


  • There is a sequel of the level named StarQuake 2 also created by the same creator. (Mask463) However, StarQuake 2 is rated Insane (9 stars).
  • The level is a part of Demon Pack 2.


Geometry Dash - Starquake - by Mask01:24

Geometry Dash - Starquake - by Mask

Credits to Darnoc.

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