Star Net
Level Information
Creator PlayDash
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 0Star
Level ID 8768469
Song Take Me Away
Composer Rukkus

star net (originally -star net-) is a level created by PlayDash.


The level starts off with a slow cube. At the start, you have to jump over a blue pad, or it leads to a faked secret way. It then goes to a simple ship sequence, wave, as well as a UFO and ball. Following is a cube, but on a Nine Circles like background, much like the final cube section in The Realistic.


  • To get the first coin, you tap the yellow pad and jump over the little monster.
  • The second coin is in The Realistic like cube section. Jump on the 4x4 circles to get the coin in an auto part.
  • The final coin is in the second ship. After avoiding the first roof obstacle, enter a small crevice just before the roof obstacle. This will be identifiable because it will have large, faded, fake spikes, as opposed to the rows of small, black, real spikes found along the rest of the passage. There is a safe break about three quarters of the way through, before one last spike section, followed by clearance to the final coin.


  • This level was made in 1.9 and updated in 2.0 2 Times.
  • The level strangely ends off with "Cyclic will complete the level!" This was Removed on Update v3 as to be comfrimed as a joke.
  • PlayDash comfrimed that He made it on Israel, Eilat, Hotel Lionardo Plasa. He comfrimed that He made it Due to being board sometimes.
  • There was originaly a Bug that Color 4 wont fade on the NC part. This was fixed on v3.
  • PlayDash says that in 2.1 he will add more parts before the Music ends, Along the spider.


Geometry Dash - Star Net by PlayDash

Geometry Dash - Star Net by PlayDash

Credits to SuperCow SC for this video