Stereo Madness XL
Stero madness xl
Level Information
Creator RainAquaticStar
Difficulty HarderHarder
Stars 0Star
Level ID 19404655
Song Stereo Madness
Composer ForeverBound

Stereo Madness XL is an unrated Harder level created by RainAquaticStar. As its name suggests, it is a remake of Stereo Madness, as well as an interpretation of what Stereo Madness would be like if it had the whole song.

Description Edit

This is a longer version of Stereo Madness which contains a few Back on Track gameplay elements (notably the jump pads).

Gameplay Edit

The level starts off with a simple cube sequence with a fading background - blue to purple. The level then switches to a very easy pink ship sequence. The green cube sequence comes after and is a bit harder. The background then changes to purple then red and the level becomes quite a bit harder. The first User Coin is located here. A medium-hard pink ship sequence follows which switches to white and tests the straight flying skills of the player. A cyan cube section, which introduces jump pads, soon follows. The jump pads soon start being used for clever obstacles. The second User Coin is located here. The first ship section is reused after albeit a green background. It also has a lot more spikes than before. A particularly tricky group comes after. A yellow to grey section follows containing many trick pads and triple spikes. A particularly hard platforming sequence happens here. The next ship sequence is a harder blue remake of the second one. It cuts off after the first obstacle from the white area. The next sequence is a blue to purple simple cube packed with many different spike clusters. Trick pads become involved when bouncing up to slabs is required. The next section is a purple ship with a lot of jump pads. The final User Coin can be found by flying through some fake blocks here. After the pads, a very difficult segment occurs with a lot of spike obstacles. Taking the coin way is much more difficult due to restricted space. The final cube sequence follows with a purple to blue fade. A bit of platforming and trick pads are involved with signs giving you clues. The final blue section is the start of the level with more spikes and repeats twice. After the fourth double pad net, the level ends.

Trivia Edit

  • RainAquaticStar has a strong dislike for the first cube section with jump pads because of its colour.
  • There is a significant difficulty spike at the green ship sequence.