Stereo Madness x10
Level Information
Creator G4lvatron
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 0 Star
Level ID 24424676
Song I couldn't remember my name, I couldn't remember my life, all I knew was that I was gone forever.
Composer Cacola

Stereo Madness x10 is a level created by G4lvatron, which is just the regular Stereo Madness level looped 10 times. Despite the basic idea of this level, it can and will cost a lot of sanity points. The difficulty of this level is therefore purely on a psychological level, as opposed to skill and timing seen in many others.

With its 14 minutes of length, it's the longest level that is not hacked in the game.


  • First cycle: Besides the song and missing coins, this looks completely identical to the regular Stereo Madness level. The music creepily slows down here near the start, but picks up pace for the rest of this. The section begins with a "hall of fame" (see #Hall of Fame) listing in order those who have completed this level.
  • Second cycle: A rhythm starts to surface from the undertones.
  • Third cycle: Houses the first coin, in the position the first coin would be found in.
  • Fourth cycle: Players tend to get nervous around this cycle.
  • Fifth cycle
  • Sixth cycle
  • Seventh cycle: Voices can be heard as the music does another creepy slowdown here (64%) before turning into a more structured and intense dance song straight after.
  • Eighth cycle: Houses the second coin in coin 2's position.
  • Ninth cycle: The music gives a gradually way to more and more disturbing sounds.
  • Tenth cycle: The music is now extremely loud and disturbing. Houses the third coin in coin 3's position.


  • The song used, with its 45,80 megabytes, is one of the the heaviest and the longest songs used in Geometry Dash. It's 2.25 times heavier than the song used in Lonely Travel.
  • G4lvatron soon made Stereo Madness x25, which is exactly what it sounds like.


Geometry Dash Unrated Custom Levels - Stereo Madness x10 (by G4lvatron)

Geometry Dash Unrated Custom Levels - Stereo Madness x10 (by G4lvatron)

credit to Muzik Bike