Stereo Retroll
Level Information
Creator Theaverageoffice
Difficulty HarderHarder
Stars 0Star
Level ID Original Was Deleted
Song Stereo Madness
Composer ForeverBound

Stereo Retroll was a level by GDThallium (Theaverageoffice). As suggested by the title, it is a troll remake of Stereo Madness. It got deleted for unknown reasons.

Description Edit

This level is basically a 'troll level', or a level made much harder by fake lines, invisible obstacles and such, misleading the player. GDThallium made use of 2.0 features likes alpha opacity and moving objects to made the trolling more effective and 'crazy'.

Gameplay Edit

The level appears to be the same as Stereo Madness at first, but of course troll obstacles will unexpectedly come out at the player, so the player has to memorise how the level is actually supposed to be completed. After that comes the ship, but it is mini, just like a troll remake by Defectum. There are also a lot of invisible blocks purposely scattered everywhere, and the player has to manoever around them. A few of the existing obstacles also move in unexpected ways, making it a lot more harder. It is considered the hardest part of the level. It then goes back to the cube, but before that, it has to stay above a troll cube portal, just like Defectum's original. The "real" cube portal is inivisble. The cube is filled with yet more trolls, much of them made with moving and invisible obstacles. There's even a group of quadruple spikes, but they are placed close enough to be possible to jump over. Finally, it enters the ship, still with moving trolls. At the final stretch, the passages are surrounded by spikes on both sides, hence requiring careful straight flying. Then the level ends.


  • He stated in the description to "go into practice mode to avoid disappointment".
  • This level was later updated with even more trolls on the cube sections.