Country Sweden
Age 18
Levels 12 (6 starred)
Other Info
Crew EON/Burst
Position 2868 (global)
YouTube Channel [1]
Stormfly (IStormflyI in game) is an extremely skilled 60HZ Swedish player in Geometry Dash. He created his YouTube channel on November 12th, 2015, and uploaded his first video titled Geometry Dash - Nine Circles (Demon) - By Zobros.[1] Later, Stormfly beat numerous demons and uploaded them on YouTube. While he beat hard demons such as Madhouse, Fexty, Night Terrors, and Mental Torture, his name only became known after a shout-out by Sea1997 from verifying a slightly nerfed version of The Hell Zone by Cyclic and another shout out by the same person, this time for becoming the first person to beat all Ozpectro-themed levels at that time, including Effot and Belic.

After discovering that The Hell Zone wasn't the only Hell level created by Sohn0924, he then decided to verify a decorated version of all of his levels (The Hell World, The Hell Dignity, and The Hell Origin). In addition, with The Hell Inferno and The Hell Field leaked, Stormfly is set to finish, redecorate, and verify them both, as well as another Hell level under the name The Hell H(withheld).

On May 11, 2018, Stormfly verified Silentium Gradas, a remake of Silent Clubstep. It took him over 16,000 attempts.


Unrated Levels

  • my toy
  • Ship Challenge
  • The Pestilence Copy
  • The Pestilence - A collaboration with Neelke and Shadowlands.
  • Silentium Gradas - An extreme demon Silent Clubstep remake.

Demon Levels

Insane Demons

  • Scardian (featured)

Extreme Demons

  • Hate War (featured)
  • The Hell Dignity (featured)
  • The Hell Origin (featured)
  • The Hell World (featured)
  • The Hell Zone (featured)

Upcoming Levels

  • The Hell Field
  • The Hell Trinity


  • His only rated levels are Hate War, The Hell Zone, The Hell Dignity and The Hell World, The Hell Origin and Scardian.
  • A while ago, everyone thought that Stormfly was a girl because he stated that he was one.
    • Later on, he made a video where he explained everything.
  • Stormfly's first YouTube video was a gameplay of Nine Circles.
    • The video's description says "easy level", which is probably a reference to Zorbos’ description since Nine Circles is mostly known as a Hard Demon among numerous players.