GD Suomi
Country Finland
Age Unknown
Levels 39
Other Info
Crew Unknown
Position ~10,000 (global)

91 (creators)

YouTube Channel
Suomi is a popular Finnish player and level creator in Geometry Dash. Suomi is known from his If...was lv1 and Meltdown remake levels. Suomi has created 39 levels in total, in which 23 are rated. Suomi has 42 creator points in total, and is placed 91th on the creators leaderboard, between DesTicY and Loogiah.


Rated levels

Demon levels

Normal levels

  • Flappy Neon
  • Xmas Adventure
  • The Polar Lights
  • Flappy Galaxy
  • Theory Of Every Mix (mix of RobTop's levels)
  • Divine Airflow
  • Sapphire
  • Glof of Death
  • Golden Auto
  • Minecraft
  • If Jawbreaker Was L1 (lvl1 version of Jawbreaker by ZenthicAlpha)
  • Dream of Night
  • Whirlwind
  • ToE Mix v2 (mix of Neptune's levels)
  • Xmas Adventure v2
  • The Seven Violins (remake of The Seven Seas by RobTop)
  • Infernal Arena (remake of Viking Arena by RobTop)
  • Airborne Cubes (remake of Airborne Robots by RobTop, helped by Dudex)

Unrated levels

  • Flappy Nightmare
  • Ball Madness (remake of Stereo Madness by RobTop)
  • Ball On Track (remake of Back On Track by RobTop)
  • Ballgeist (remake of Polargeist by RobTop)
  • Auto Bloodbath (auto version of Bloodbath)
  • If Silent C Was Lv1 (lvl1 version of Silent Circles by Sailent and Cyrillic)


  • Suomi is finnish and means Finland, referring to Suomi's country
    • Suomi even uses the colors of Finland's flag in his icons

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