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Level Information
Creator Motu
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 13575944
Song Supernova
Composer Xtrullor

SuperNova is a 2.0 Hard Demon created by Motu. It is a difficult remake of Nine Circles that features a Fear Me color scheme. The level is well known for its annoying tricks and to start with a ship sequence, unlike the majority of Nine Circles Levels.


The level starts with a ship sequence, full of crucial timing and gravity portals, which is followed by a brief moderate ball and an extremely confusing maze ball. After that the player sets on the classical single speed cube section, which is apparently easy, but hides an huge amount of invisible teleportation portals and invisible passages on the spikes, making it extremely annoying and confusing. The cube becomes nearly auto before the drop, when, hitting a green ring, the player goes to the infamous wave. This part is ridiculously difficult, using the typical fake lines and spikes of Classic and Catastrophic, the slow tight parts of Nine Circles, the mashing mini parts of Fairydust, a long dual segment with several mashing typical of Silhouette and a final epileptic ship sequence like Figures, but longer and harder. Then the song becomes melancholic and the background switches to black; the creator's signature makes below a tight corridor-like ship sequence delimited by spikes. Just like Silhouette, the player mustn't go to the upper route because of an hidden saw-blade that closes the passage. Then, the level ends.


  • This is one of the few 2.0 Nine Circles Levels to use a pretty 1.9 design and the classical epileptic wave.
  • This is one of the few Nine Circles Levels to start with a ship sequences, the others being Figures, For The Taking and Ultimate Circles.
  • The level has practically the same sequences of Figures.
  • Unlike Silent Circles, the wave doesn't feature one of the two dub-step drops of the song.
  • The color scheme is light blue like Fear Me, but during the wave other shades of colors are visible, like turquoise, lime green and even yellow.


Geometry Dash - SuperNova by motu (Demon) Complete 3 Coins (Live)

Geometry Dash - SuperNova by motu (Demon) Complete 3 Coins (Live)

Credits to Krazyman50.