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Superex (otherwise called SuperexGD on YouTube, Superex97 in-game) is an outstandingly talented and gifted Argentinian player in Geometry Dash and is scarcely perceived in the community. A year ago (probably around August to September) he started to beat a wide assortment of Demon levels going from Hard to Extreme. These incorporate Bloodbath, Cataclysm, A Bizarre Phantasm, The Ultimate Phase, Ice Carbon Diablo X, and a couple of other Demon levels.

Around September 2016, he gained abrupt progress on CataBath, achieving 76% and 97% (his worst fail so far). During that same month, he gained hasty progress on Sakupen Hell, achieving 85%.

In October 2016, he again made progress on two distinct levels, naming "Phobos" (59%) and "Sonic Wave" (66%). Because of this, he was the fate of the couple of players to pick up a major breakthrough on beating Insane/Extreme Demon levels, with stats advancing as quick as other players (Sunix or BlassCFB, to give some examples). He achieved 73% on Sonic Wave. What's more, on that time, He managed to beat Aftermath out of the blue, without videos of him making progress on it.

He may have beaten Bloodbath with a 85hz monitor as of lately (alongside Cataclysm), however, he figured out how to beat it yet again with a refresh rate of 144hz.

On November 2016, he conquered 4 Insane/Extreme Demon levels, eminently Plasma Pulse III by Smokes and Giron, The Hell Factory by , Sakupen Hell by Noobas (verified by Trusta), and Night Terrors by Hinds and Loogiah (this level in any case, has been removed from from the Top 50 list because of numerous Insane/Extreme Demon levels that have been verified a year ago). He additionally achieved 84% on Phobos.

On december 2016, he finished the unnerfed variant of Fexty by Ozpectro. It is unrated in any case. He has beaten Falling Up by Krazyman50 and also, He progressed to a nearby record of 87% in Sonic Wave and 60% on Artificial Ascent. Also beating Crimson Clutter by RedUniverse.

In late December, he finally completed Sonic Wave, an Extreme Demon level created and hacked by Cyclic and verified by Sunix. Be that as it may, a few players were thinking about whether he utilized hacks, or most likely not. This is because of the way that his gameplay videos were in such low quality. Many wouldn't bother. After all, Superex most likely has poor editing skills. Ideally, Superex uploaded videos of him proving he didn't utilize hacks.

On the March 13th, 2017, he became the first ever person to have completed one of the most notorious levels of all time, which is Silent Club after 7,015 attempts, and a horrible fail at 95%. Most of the orb spam introduced in the original level is, however, absent due to version 2.1 changing the way orb spamming works. Nevertheless, it's an outstanding achievement for Superex.

Notable Achievements

  • Sonic Wave - Cyclic (Verified by Sunix)
  • Silent Club - Play 1107696 (Nerfed impossible parts + super buffed)
  • Red World Rebirth - Riot & More
  • Ice Carbon Diablo X - Roadbose
  • Phobos - Krazyman50 & More
  • Flat Major - Endlevel
  • Sakupen Hell - Noobas (Verified by TrusTa)
  • Cataclysm - Ggb0y
  • Aftermath - Exenity & More (Verified by Satcho)
  • Bloodbath - Riot & More (beaten on 85 & 60 hz)
  • Fexty - Ozpectro (Unnerfed + Buff)
  • Falling Up - Krazyman50
  • Artificial Ascent - Viprin & More (Verified by Combined)
  • Artificial Ideology - TeamN2
  • Conical Depression - Krazyman50
  • The Janus Miracle - Megadere
  • Allegiance - NikroPlays & More
  • The Flawless - IlIRyanIlI & more
  • A Bizarre Phantasm - TeamN2

Work in Progress

  • CataBath (97%)
  • Infernal Abyss (70%)
  • Yatagarasu (36-93%)
  • Digital Descent (42%)

Notable Levels

  • Silent Club - Play 1107696 (published on his account)
  • Maricotas Wave - Sonic Wave with different shades of pink.
  • Cumshot Wave - White Sonic Wave, with a surprising name given.
  • ScombriK Wave - Remastered Sonic Wave, a work in progress (also beaten with NoClip).


  • Like Sunix (who has beaten Bloodbath numerous times in various colors (even his own particular remake "Deambath"), Superex has beaten Sonic Wave two times in two unique colors and has a work in progress named "ScombriK Wave" made by Abyss and himself.
  • It is very obscure what kind of monitor he uses and which refresh rate he claims, but he figured out how to beat Bloodbath and Cataclysm on 85hz and Bloodbath alone on 144hz.
  • He has his very own Discord server.