Supernova Circles
20160612181814 1
Level Information
Creator Cyrillic
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars 0Star
Level ID 13065076
Song Supernova
Composer Xtrullor

Supernova Circles is an easy nerfed version of the impossible level Silent Circles by Cyrillic. It is generally considered a Very Hard or Insane Demon. It was rated as demon for less than 10 minutes, however when Riot stated that it was hacked, it was downgraded almost instantly after it was rated. Cyrillic has repeatedly stated that he completed it legit, but with no video evidence, we cannot be sure, and Cyrillic is known for hacking levels.

Description Edit

Cyrillic deleted all 2 player parts and made extremely tiny gaps bigger. He also made the final mini wave to an easy normal wave (In Silent Circles it was impossible). He changed the two player part at 48% (mini ball and wave) to a mini ball part for one player. All wave parts were made humanly possible, unlike in Silent Circles.

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of the few levels to get rated and downgraded for almost instantly. Alongside Belly Circles.
  • The impossible and extremely tight mini wave was albeit in normal wave and fairly tight but moderately hard path.
  • ToshDeluxe, GuitarHeroStyles, Atomic, SirQuack, and are the only people to have legitimately completed the level.

Walkthrough Edit

GEOMETRY DASH - Supernova Circles by Cyrillic 100% (Semi-AV)

GEOMETRY DASH - Supernova Circles by Cyrillic 100% (Semi-AV)