Sweet Dreams
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Level Information
Creator ItzAspi
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 10807587
Song Sweet Dreams
Composer NIGHTkilla

Sweet Dreams is a Nine Circles level by ItzAspi (previously TrueAspiral). Hence the name suggests, this level uses Sweet Dreams by Rukkus, the same song used in Crimson Clutter, but this level does not use the drop of the song, instead using the buildup before the drop.


This has been one of the last Nine Circles levels to be created until 2.0 update. The color scheme is practically the same of Fairydust, but features bonus decorations, such as chain balls and musical notes. The level isn't easy, but neither extremely hard, so can be classified as a medium demon.


The level starts with a moderate cube that features lots of tricks, such as invisible spikes and troll rings. This part is followed by an hard ship with tight spaces and gravity portals. After a brief maze cube the drop starts and the wave is introduced. This one is quite hard due to awkward timing, ridiculous amount of portals and sawblades and lot of mashing during the mini parts (closely to Figures). Later, an other cube is introduced, but is quite easy and short, and lends to an other hard ship like the first one. When the song reaches the point when starts in Crimson Clutter, the wave returns, with mashing parts, but ends soon. Then the level ends.


  • This level was originally easier, until the creator made it harder adding an huge amount of sawblades during the wave.
  • This level and Sharp Minor lack a dual portal.


Geometry Dash - Sweet Dreams -DEMON- - By- TrueAspiral (On Stream)

Geometry Dash - Sweet Dreams -DEMON- - By- TrueAspiral (On Stream)

Credit to IIRioTII for the video.