Swing Squad
Level Information
Creator Zobros + Orion, Havok, and Giron David
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 7285206
Song Cane Swinging
Composer F-777

Swing Squad is a hard demon created by Zobros, Giron, Orion, and Havok. It consists of many pulsing/flashing objects and the background that flashes sometimes that might distract the player. It also consists of various invisible objects, that might surprise the player, if crashed into. What can be even more tricky is that at one point, two forms are being used at once, which requires focusing on both forms.


Swing Squad is one of Zobros' demon levels, it is also a collaboration level with GironDavid, Orion, and Havok. The level is mainly considered as a medium or hard demon due to its fakes, troll, crucial timing, and mixed duals.


This is the only Zobros' demon with a description different of "Easy" or "Easy Coin Update". The description is "gay ass level".


  • SoulsTRK crashed at 92%.
  • SrGuillester crashed at 91% and 94%. His most severe crash was at 98% at the final invisible sawblade.


Geometry Dash - Swing Squad (Demon) - by Giron, Orion, Havok and Zobros (me)

Geometry Dash - Swing Squad (Demon) - by Giron, Orion, Havok and Zobros (me)

Credits to Zobros.