TOE 2 V2
Level Information
Creator Jarjarjoel
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 0Star (6 Requested)
Level ID 30489981
Song Theory of Everything 2
Composer Dj-Nate

TOE 2 V2 (Theory of Everything 2 Version 2) is JarjarJoels's third level. It was made in in 2.1 and uses all the gamodes.


Cube 0%-12%, Ship 12%-16%, Robot 16%-16%, Wave 19%-23%, UFO 23%-27%, Cube 23%-35%, Ship 35%-48%, Cube 48%-51%, Wave 51%-55%, Ball 55%-58%, Wave 58%-62%, Ship 62%-66%, Spider 66%-77%, Cube 77%-85%, Robot 85%-89%, Wave 89%-92%, Ship 92%-100%


There are 3 coins in this level. The 2nd one is unique because the player must collect all poison bottles to collect the coin.

  • 1st coin: The player must tap on a secret blue orb at 7% to collect the coin at 8%, the player will automatically go down and continue the level.
  • Mini quest to collect 2nd coin: 1st poison bottle 39%, 2nd poison bottle, 41%, 3rd poison bottle, 43%, 4th poison bottle, 43%, 5th poison bottle, 45%, 6th poison bottle, 47%.
  • 2nd coin: After collecting all poison bottles the player will drop at 49%, collect the coin at 50%, and teleport back to the level.
  • 3rd coin: The player must drop through fake spikes at 83%, then the player will collect the the coin and teleport back to the level.


  • This is JarjarJoel's best level.
  • JarjarJoel made a fake poison bottle at 43% that will deduct 1 bottle from the total.

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