Level Information
Creator Nasgubb
Difficulty Easy Demon Easy Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 20511156
Song Jet Set
Composer MadHouseDude

Takeoff is a 2.0 Easy Demon created by Nasgubb. Unlike several other demon levels, this is mostly relatively easy. This is one of the seven demon levels to earn a first place feature, the others being X, Airtime, Lake of Fire, Quark, Cosmos Supreme Lab X, and B (Supreme Lab X was manually moved into the third page due to many dislikes). It is extremely rare for a demon level to earn a first place feature. This level is generally considered an easy or medium demon.


The level is probably dedicated to TamaN, a very popular Geometry Dash player and creator.

Mostly the level focuses more on the gameplay rather than the design of the level.

The level mostly contains several brief parts although the level's main part is the game-play. It also contains a few object flashes which causes a huge amount of color channels to be spent.

One area makes references to the "every level needs a triple" meme.



Geometry Dash - -Demon- Takeoff by Nasgubb

Geometry Dash - -Demon- Takeoff by Nasgubb

Credits to Giron.