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Country United Kingdom
Age Unknown
Levels 34 (33 featured)
Other Info
Crew GeoStorm
Position 30th (Creator Leaderboard, as of December 20th 2016)
YouTube Channel [1]

TamaN (aka Tama_N) is a popular British Geometry Dash player and creator. He started playing Geometry Dash in the 1.7 update and his first featured level was Streetwise in 1.9. Since then he has become a famous creator who is well-known for his original, fun gameplay and for using various styles of decoration. He has created levels of nearly every difficulty, and his level Adrift is in the Force Pack.


1.8 Levels

  • Volcanic Journey (Harder, Unrated)

1.9 levels

  • Streetwise (Hard 4*)
  • Nuclear Theory (Insane 8*)
  • Electronic Dimension (Hard 5*)
  • Hostile Insomnia (Harder 6*)
  • Colour the World (Harder 6*)
  • Sketched World (Hard 4*)
  • Glitchy Gremlin (Auto 1*)
  • Adrift (Normal 3*)
  • Orange Run (Hard 5*)
  • Melkers Cavern (Harder 7*)
  • Electronic Landscape (Demon 10*)
  • Infinite Power (Harder 6*, republished with coins in 2.0)
  • Hallucinations (Harder 6*, republished with coins in 2.0)

2.0 Levels

  • Impulse (Hard 5*)
  • Ginseng (Insane 8*)
  • The Problematic (Harder 7*)
  • Dark Sea (Normal 3*)
  • Apocalyptic Ruins (Insane 9*)
  • Motion (Demon 10*)
  • Imagine (Harder 6*)
  • Purity (Hard 4*)
  • New Earth (Hard 4*)
  • Acceleration (Insane 9*)
  • Azure Skies (Hard 5*)
  • Endorphin Rush (Demon 10*)
  • Skyward (Hard 4*)
  • Sad Machine (Insane 9*)
  • Kepler (Normal 3*)
  • Badland (Demon 10*)
  • Marmalade (Harder 7*)
  • Then (Normal 3*)

2.1 Levels

  • (Unnamed level, work in progress)


  • TamaN often livestreams Geometry Dash on Twitch and/or Youtube.
  • TamaN is well known for having created in a lot of different styles like the sketch style in Sketched World, the nature style in New Earth, the factory style in Badland, etc.
  • ​People mostly recognize TamaN as a good game-play creator, as well as a creator who made some themed levels.
  • TamaN often calls himself Tama_N, but because Geometry Dash doesn't allow underscores in usernames, he registered as TamaN. Some people call him "garden" because the word "taman" has the meaning of "garden" or "park" in Indonesian and Malay.
  • TamaN's mega-collab level Imagine won Best Non-Demon Mega-collab in Viprin and Etzer's 2.0 awards, live-streamed on Twitch.
  • TamaN is currently a moderator in the Geometry Dash Forum.
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