Taniyaun is a decently skilled Geometry Dash player who first began playing in the 1.0 version on occasion. He has started putting a lot of dedication into the game in late 1.9 (July 2015).

  • His hardest demons include Poltergeist by Andromeda, Colorful Overnight by WOOGI1411, Windy Landscape by WOOGI1411, and Rebellion by Bryan1150.
  • One of his more notable levels, Rearmed Challenge, has gained a lot of downloads/likes from being a mildly difficult wave challenge, which gained over 14,000 downloads and 1,000 likes.
  • His YouTube subscriber count is at the early 200s (as of December 2016).
  • Some of his other nable levels include Surge, Ambience, Noob player movie, Cataclysm Style, Dreaded Circles, 8o v2 and Beginning of Time.
  • He spends a lot of his time and dedication trying to beat demons, which is part of why he has beaten Poltergeist and Windy Landscape.
  • His levels appear in some saved levels of other players in their videos.
  • His worst fails include 97% on Windy Landscape by WOOGI1411 and 98% on Forsaken Neon by Zobros.
  • One of his best achievements includes gaining 500+ stars in one day along with his friend BallisticGmer.
  • He has participated in two mega-collaborations so far. One of them that has been starred was called Death Machine, a 9* level by Bladin and more, which has been buffed to be re-rated Demon, but has failed to do so. The other mega-collaboration is named Ruined Theory, which was not rated due to the fact that it could have possibly been hacked.

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