Team Bizarre
Offical image as of 2015
Leader Surm and DeltaBIT
Number of Members 5 (1 banned)
Levels 0 (being verified)
Other Info
Date of Foundation March 1st, 2015
YouTube Channel [1]

Team Bizarre (TeamBizarre in-game) is a small group in Geometry Dash formed by Surm and DeltaBIT.

Made Edit

It was made in 2015, and started working in 2016. It consists of 5 members, and a sixth member who was banned (ZenthicBaka).

Inspiration Edit

It was inspired by Team N2, and was created as a special group of friends forming levels, until they decided that it was time to move on.

Levels Edit

The team got inspired once more, and started working on a very extreme demon, that they believed will be harder than Sonic Wave. The level was going to be called RePulse, but did not get a verifier. So far, iITouguEricIi has gotten 87%, and has spent over 15,000 attempts. As of the 13th of November, he has gotten past most of the hard parts.

Members Edit

So far, there is:

  • DeltaBIT
  • Surm
  • Sentra
  • tougu2.
  • Hypercube1

Trivia Edit

  • They are currently making a level called RePulse.
  • They are a very unpopular group, some might believe even unknown, but as RePulse is almost verified, Surm believes it will gain popularity fairly quickly.