Team Xor
Leader GeoDashTomorrow
Number of Members 19
Levels 2 planned
Other Info
Date of Foundation 2017
YouTube Channel None

Team Xor is a group of Geometry Dash players.


  • Hydromancer
  • Acropolis

Team Members

  • GeoDashTomorrow (Owner)
  • CyanSkull (Co-Owner)
  • Theepicosity (Co-Owner)
  • MarshallSarlie (Moderator)
  • StalemateZ (Moderator)
  • SummerSolsta7
  • Speir
  • CookieCookieNomNom
  • Rigel
  • Mr. Zappy
  • Trinket9
  • TheRealTeroGD
  • Pres
  • LuisLuigi
  • Eonbree
  • kenkenkon
  • XxSwagTater69xX
  • Sufi2425
  • Sondz1911
  • Minh6969


  • Their unofficial motto is "19 nodes, one output."
  • Their Geometry Dash account is called TeamXor.
  • They have not released any levels so far, but they have many things planned.

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