Technology Age
Technology age
Level Information
Creator Hota1991
Difficulty TBA
Stars TBA
Level ID 36028729

Composer Goukisan

Technology Age is a 2.1 unrated Extreme Demon by Hota1991. This is a technology themed level that is inspired by Bloodbath.




  • Technology Age is a millennium changes, unlike mythology age, this age based with high technologies. It is based on the movie Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglavie.
  • It is a remake of Bloodbath and Hota1991's Electric Chamber.
  • It was inspired by Blade of Justice, The Hawth Bowserth and Bloodlust.
  • The level takes heavy inspiration from Lord of the Rings's Balrog and Frankenstein's Victor Frankenstein.


-Technology Age- Electric Chamber (Orginial Level by Hota1991)01:58

-Technology Age- Electric Chamber (Orginial Level by Hota1991)

Credits to NoctaFly for this video.

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