Technology Age
Technology age
Level Information
Creator Satanoth (publisher), Hota1991, Nuclear Nacho, LaserBlitz, Knobbelboy, hypercube1, Manix648, IyuriI, Dorami, Quack and Partition
Difficulty Extreme DemonPure Cancer
Stars 0Star
Level ID 36028729
Song Betrayal of Fear
Composer Goukisan

Technology Age is a created extreme demon by Satanoth and more. This Bloodbath inspired technology themed level.


Hota1991's is part is flying segment (Like as Bloodbath) this overdecorated part. However in mobile users, can cause extremely lag.

LazerBlitz and hypercube1's part is level's hardest part. the quad speed segment with mixed duals.

Manix648 and Knobbelboy's part is blue-red themed wave section. and a castle appears in background.

IyuriI and Partition's part is bossfight part. these giant behemoth appears and chases and fires lasers at player.

Dorami's part is ending credits and blue night sky.


  • Technology Age is a millenium changes, unlike mythology age, this age based with high technologies. based on movie. (Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglavie.)


-Technology Age- Electric Chamber (Orginial Level by Hota1991)01:58

-Technology Age- Electric Chamber (Orginial Level by Hota1991)

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