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Lava Temple by Michigun and Gboy.

The Temple levels series is a popular trend born during Update 1.9 from the first Geometry Dash player in the leader-board at the time, Michigun (now at #3), who took inspiration from The Legend of Zelda. This is one of the longest ever and most successful official trends ever, only behind Nine Circles Levels. The first levels were created by Michigun himself, or verified by him. Since Update 2.0, numerous other creators continued the trend, especially Serponge, who made three different temple levels.

Description Edit

Most temple levels start and finished with two symmetrical flights of steps. Each level present a precise theme, who gives the name to it, and is based about a natural element, a habitat or a concept. The first levels by Michigun used to suggest the theme only with a colour scheme, while the last 2.0 levels features extremely detailed designs. Each level contains the Triforce at the end.

Except for a case, each level is rated demon, and precisely their difficulty goes from medium to very hard. The main difficulties of the levels are the timing based sections, with tight spaces, traps and some memorization.

List of Temple levels Edit

Note that despite the name, Dragon Temple by Kr0nos and Temple of destiny by Drakeghast aren't a level of the series.

Level Creators Difficulty Soundtrack
Water Temple Michigun Demon 10 Star Can't Let Go by DJVI
Fire Temple Michigun Demon 10 Star Base After Base by DJVI
Shadow Temple Michigun Demon 10 Star Clubstep by DJ-Nate
Lava Temple Michigun+Ggb0y Demon 10 Star Silent Hill Dubstep by Jewelz123
Snow Temple Evasium+Ggb0y Demon 10 Star Silent Hill Dubstep by Jewelz123
Forest Temple Michigun Demon 10 Star Haunted Woods by Waterflame
Desert Temple XLectricVenom+The Bil+Michigun Demon 10 Star Morocco by Step
Cyber Temple Havok+ Demon 10 Star System Split by F-777
Sky Temple TheFakeLogik Demon 10 Star Sky Fortress by Waterflame
Crystal Temple BGames+The Kris Demon 10 Star Enigma by Xtrullor
Arachnid Temple Viprin+Serponge Demon 10 Star Lord Of The Koopas by Vcrock
Gold Temple Serponge Demon 10 Star Zelda II: Palace Theme Remix by Xtrullor
Ancient Temple Serponge Demon 10 Star Electrodynamix by DJ-Nate
Shadow Temple N4xxol Demon 10 Star Betrayal of Fear by Goukisan
Mario Temple Davjt123 Demon 10 Star Super Mario World - Castle Theme Remix by Meganeko
Blood Temple Spectex Demon 10 Star -Boneyard- by Waterflame
Ocean Temple Sharks Insane 9 Star Undertale-Heartbreak by NyxTheShield

Trivia Edit

  • Fire Temple and Shadow Temple feature main songs although being already 1.9 levels.
  • Snow Temple is basically a remake of Lava Temple. Except for the color scheme (White instead of orange), the first half of the level, made by Ggb0y is practically the same of Lava Temple.
  • Ocean Temple is the only non demon remake for how short it is.
  • Ancient Temple is basically an old school styled temple level (1.6 design).
  • Desert Temple was made by XLectricVenom and The Bil, while Michigun verified and uploaded it.
  • Lava Temple is considered the easiest demon in the series. Someone considers Gold Temple the easiest, but it can be very laggy on mobile.