Country United States
Age 13
Levels 73 (none starred)
Other Info
Crew GeoForge/GeoNova
Position Member
YouTube Channel [1]

TheRealSdslayer is a male GD player and creator who is somewhat well-known. Levels that TRS has made are all unnoticed so far. He has made levels such as Thunderzone and Blast Processing v2, with most of his levels having the goal of being demons. Not many people have beat his levels due to the fact that his levels remain unpopular or unnoticed within the community as of now.


  • Thunderzone took him over 12k attempts to complete.
  • He joined the game and started creating in 1.7, quit in 1.8, and came back around mid-1.9.
  • It has been said by him that the first level he intends to make when 2.1 comes out is going to be "Fingerdash v2"
  • His YouTube channel focuses on Minecraft, Geometry Dash, and other random games.
  • His YouTube channel has over 3,000 subscribers, and is still climbing.
  • His YouTube channel has a total view count of over one million views.
  • He was in the Top 50, but had started receiving hate, and eventually got banned from the leaderboards entirely, and he still IS currently banned.

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