Country Estonia
Age 13
Levels 15(1 Starred)
Other Info
Crew None
Position 25020
YouTube Channel [1]

TheRealSpark (Now recently KebStar in-game) is a 13-year old Estonian Geometry dash player. He has over 1900 stars and 60 demons. He is considered a decent player. He is the creator of Blue Marine (6 stars).


  • He has only 1 starred level so far, it being Blue Marine, which is rated harder 6 stars, and having 3 verified coins.
  • In-Game He was called Th3g4mer2, then TheRealSpark, then lSparkl, and now KebStar.
  • He plays mostly on phone.
  • He has 194 friends on GD.
  • He started playing in 2014.
  • He started his YouTube channel 4 months ago, and it has 11 subscribers so far.
  • He has beaten hard demons, like Ditched Machine, Toe2 v2 (Neptune`s), Nine Circles, etc.

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