Country Canada
Age 14
Levels 22 (none starred)
Other Info
Crew TeamGeoCreators
Position Unknown
YouTube Channel [1]

TheRealTimelord, more commonly known as Timelord, is a skilled 60Hz Canadian Geometry Dash Player and Creator. He has been in multiple teams such as Team Revolution,TeamDashCrafted and TeamGeoCreators. He has beaten just over 100 demons and has just over 2000 stars. He is good friends with many famous GD players including Nasgubb, Xaro, Skitten, GironDavid, GuitarHeroStyles and more.

His Published Levels:

  • Stereo Madness 2 - His very first level, made at the beginning of 1.9.
  • Ultimate Destruction - Remake of the Geometry Dash beta level, also known as Level 0, Ultimate Destruction.
  • Galaxystep - His third level, was made in 1.8 and then updated and slightly buffed in 1.9. His second ever level.
  • BasicTime 1 - His first "Effect" level, inspired by Dorabae-Basic series, has decent gameplay.
  • BasicTime 2 - His "Best Work". He worked on this for 7 months before releasing it as his final 1.9 level. His first actual decorated level. He has since updated it and changed the BG and Ground, as well as added User Coins and slightly buffing the last wave part in 2.0.
  • Thanks Guys - An auto level that thanks the people who appreciate him and also shows the friendships he has had over his time as a GD player.
  • Lossmartz - A collab with Lossmartz that was never finished.
  • Universe Fusion - Timelord's first Megacollab, hosted in 1.9 aimed to be an easy demon. To this day, he still considers it to have good gameplay.
  • Sound Effect - An Unfinished Level With A Free Copy.
  • Boss Idea - A level that was made when he got bored. He was going to use something similar in an upcoming level that still has not had any info about it revealed.
  • Bass Knight - A level made for April Fools Day.
  • My Part In Yata - Timelord's entry for Viprin's CC7
  • Shitty Fusion - A level made specifically just to join the shitty trend that has now died off.
  • Final Flight - Timelord's 2nd Megacollab that was hosted in 1.9 specifically because of the #SaveTriAxis drama that was happening at the time. Made by Domin8or,Drakaglin,Zoromurr and more.
  • Time Distortion - Timelord's 1st 2.0 Level. A hard Stereo Madness remake that uses his twist on the classic style, this is the first level in his -Time- series. It is rated Harder, even though most consider it as an Insane or even Easy Demon difficulty level due to the timing,skill and memorization required to beat it.
  • Ice Cubes - A random level that "He found in his create folder"
  • Tribute to Yoshidash - A level that explained what his good friend, Yoshidash was going through at the time.
  • Challenge - A challenge level that he made when he was bored, he used a cool new trick that he discovered you could do with the ball.


  • Timelord's first Demon was Crescendo by Mask643.
  • He is aiming to be the first mobile player to beat Bloodbath, currently sitting at 30%
  • Timelord's first friend in GD was ViPriN, surprisingly.
  • Timelord started playing Geometry Dash in late 1.5
  • He is verifying Quantum Processing, an extremely buffed version of Blast Processing originally made by Riot and Hinds.
  • He is attempting to verify Fexty legitimately so hopefully it will get rated Demon.
  • He is a member of TeamGeoCreators, a new team of creators much like TeamN2, TheHexagonDashers and more.
  • He might be a participant of Deimos, the sequel to Phobos, a popular demon by Tygrysek and more, published by Krazyman50.
  • He used to use a 70Hz monitor for steam version, now he uses a 60Hz monitor for steam.

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