The Beginning Of Time
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Level Information
Creator Viprin
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 7 Star
Level ID 2850773
Song The Beginning of Time
Composer Dj-Nate

The Beginning Of Time is a 1.9 level created by Viprin, and is currently rated harder with 7 stars.

Overview Edit

Due to being a very early 1.9 level, it takes much inspiration from the design of the newest levels at that time, which were then Blast Processing and Theory of Everything 2. The difficulty of the level focuses mainly on quite fast gameplay, with some memorization here and there. Also the gameplay is heavily based on the main 1.9 levels, making the Blast Processing parts even harder and the Theory of Everything 2 ones even easier.

Trivia Edit

  • This level is one of the few 1.9 levels that were created on his own, since he started to collab usually with his Geometry Dash friends in his levels after the first mega-collaborations.
  • The Beginning of Time, and some songs of The Impossible Game (Heaven Road 2, Chaoz Fantasy) used to be very popular in early 1.9.


Geometry Dash Custom Levels - Beginning of Time (by Viprin)

Geometry Dash Custom Levels - Beginning of Time (by Viprin)

credit to Muzik Bike