The Big Black (Sailent)
The big black by sailent
Level Information
Creator Sailent
Difficulty Extreme Demon Impossible
Stars 0 Star (requested 10)
Level ID Unknown
Song The Big Black
Composer The Quick Brown Fox

The Big Black is an impossible 1.9 level made by Sailent. It's currently rated insane, but has no stars. What makes this level so "impossible" is its two insane spam-click parts. The second jitter-click part is harder and longer than the first one.


The level uses the song, The Big Black, by The Quick Brown Fox. The song is not allowed for use anymore because of copyright.


This level is known mostly as an impossible level, but it is possible. The level is still very hard due to the two crucial spam-click parts. The color scheme is multi-color, but yet, is very epileptic, like Nine Circles levels. Some parts of the level, however, are black and blue for brief moments.


The level starts with a simple cube part, then to a very-hard wave part due to its tight space. The level continues to an insane and confusing ball part. The level then resumes to a somewhat-impossible spam-click mini-cube part, which is very hard, long, and also buggy. The level then makes the player jump on 6 jump orbs then onto a platform. The level then goes into a hard mini ship part, and turns into a somewhat easy ship part. A very simple cube part then happens. Basically, you have to jump over 4 spikes in triple speed for a while. When the background flashes blue, the difficulty of the cube part then turns hard, as there's lots of troll jump orbs, literally invisible blocks, and perfect timing included in the part. A very short auto part comes and comes to the second hitter-click part. This hitter-click part is much harder, much longer, and more epileptic. The spaces are more tight than the first hitter-click part and is somewhat near-impossible. A mini UFO sequence then happens where you have to go into the gravity portals avoiding the half-spikes. A harder mini ship sequence happens, as there's more gravity portals than the UFO. A mini cube maze then happens in triple speed. The maze is very hard and there's blocks that blend in with the black background. After the maze, a short auto cube part happens. The cube then falls in a void and a very hard mini wave segment happens. The mini wave part is very similar to the first wave part, however, this part contains more tighter spaces and sometimes perfect timing. A medium dual cube part happens, where the player must jump over one or two invisible spikes at the same time. Then, the player enters a very easy ship part. It includes some saws (both large and medium) and lots of gravity portals, but is yet still easy. A hard ball part then happens but is sometimes considered easy, depending on the players level of skill. A hard mini UFO segment comes next and is confusing. A very simple wave part comes next, and the level ends with an easy cube segment. The part starts out mini and the player has to jump on six orbs. The player then has to jump near the exclamation mark. The level then ends.


  • A player known as jack0b220 completed this level legitimately using start positions.
  • This level isn't well known due to another demon level with the same name by alexAndgame.
  • This level is the second longest impossible level, the first being AfterCataBath by Zimnior12.
  • The level can be completed in practice mode, normal mode, using start positions, and also by using hacks.
  • Namtar got 18% and 24-47% on this level.
  • Spam-tapping is required at speeds of at least 8-10 taps per second, which is right at the human limit of tapping. However, on a mobile device, most humans can only manage 6-7 taps per second. For the spam-tapping section to be possible, this level should be played on a computer with the player tapping the mouse and the spacebar simultaneously, so that more clicks are registered.
    • Still, even with that, the spam-tapping parts are still extremely hard, especially the first spam-tap part, because that one is heavily based on luck.
  • SrGuillester beat a nerfed version of the level. The second dual was nerfed.
Geometry Dash - The Big Black by Nautilus2k - 100% (HAX)

Geometry Dash - The Big Black by Nautilus2k - 100% (HAX)

M2MM4M (The Player) completing the level using hacks

Geometry Dash - The Big Black by Nautilus2K (unrated, insane) with start pos

Geometry Dash - The Big Black by Nautilus2K (unrated, insane) with start pos.

jack0b220 (The Player) completing the level using start positions