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The Catalyst
Level Information
Creator Rob Buck, Chipzz, Morphix, Splentic, Squirrel, iAres, Minesap, Ryder, Matterz, Alter, Turtlebro, Smokes, Anthrax, Fillipsmen, Panman, MaxiS9, Terron, Manix, Anubis, Lazerblitz, TheDevon, Skitten, Willy5000, Havok, Wamiq, Sanic, Goose (verified by Chipzz)
Difficulty Demon Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 19476977
Song 211 - Realistik
Composer Rukkus


The Catalyst is a demon mega-collaboration made by 26 people. It's generally called a hard demon. There are 3 silver user coins hidden within the level.


Geometry Dash 204:26

Geometry Dash 2.0! The Catalyst (Very Hard Demon?) By me and 25 more

Credits to GMD Chipzz. This video shows the verification of The Catalyst, as well as the location of the 3 user coins.

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