The Colossus II
The colossus ii
Level Information
Creator Manix648
Difficulty Easy Demon Easy Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 35669648
Song Emphatic Outcry
Composer MegaSphere

The Colossus II is a 2.1 Easy Demon created by Manix648, and it is his third official art level. The level is a direct sequel to The Colossus, with both levels being part of Manix's 'Universal Redemption' series, along with The Hydragaryu.


The level begins with a very simple robot segment, with simple timings. When the player reaches the end of this segment, he/she will encounter a pink dash orb (note that this is the second dash orb, not the first). This dash orb leads to three different routes that affect the level differently. The routes also contain their own user coin, meaning the player must beat the level three times to obtain all three coins.

Route 1

The first route is the normal route. The player must hold the dash orb until they reach a platform that leads to a red jump pad. This then leads to the next part of the level with the message "To the sky..." Taking this route causes the destruction of the planet at the end of the level as the player seemed to fail in stopping Malus, resulting in the bad ending.

Route 2

The second route is one of the two secret routes. In order to access this route, the player must release the dash orb early in order to fall down into a secret path. This allows the player to enter the temple route. The temple route is much harder, but contains a lot of art and provides more lore into the Universal Redemption Series. The inside of the temple shows to be a ruined cavern-like structure decorated with glowing red crystals. The part starts with a tight mini ship sequence that leads to a difficult mini spider segment. After this is a tight wave section, and then an auto segment with art depicting the player facing 'The Forbidden One'. Taking this route affects the level later on. A green capsule, presumably the same one depicted in one of the art walls in the temple section, will form around the player during the section where he/she must stop Malus from colliding with the planet. This causes the good ending, which results in the planet being saved.

Route 3

This route is accessed by also releasing the dash orb early. However, instead of continuing towards the temple, the player must jump up into a gravity portal which takes them back to route 1. Instead of the message 'To the sky...' appearing, the screen is shrouded in dark purple mist and the message "A darkness is coming." Taking this route causes a secret ending to appear at the end of the level, as well as the player to appear as a blazing star when repelling Malus near the end of the level. This ending portrays 'The Forbidden One' saying "I'm coming for you.."

Secret ending

If route 1 or 3 is taken, the player will enter a spider section with a few difficult timings. This then leads to a UFO section which is not too difficult, as long as the player learns when to time their jumps.

After this, the player reaches the city, which is the same one that appeared in The Colossus. However we see that the city is currently being attacked. This section contains simple cube and robot gameplay, with a few minor timings. There is also a falling building that the player must carefully fly through.

Once the city section passes, the player is presented with an auto section, providing some information about how the player and the bosses fit into the series.

The player then must fight an upgraded version of Malus, that the level refers to as Giga Malus. Giga Malus is portrayed as having a large circular rotating body, with its head located in the centre. It has many robotic tentacles protruding from it that can be hazardous to the player through the boss fight. The player starts as a ship, having to fly to the top of the screen to dodge a laser, and then to the bottom of the screen to avoid another one. The player then turns into a UFO and is dragged to the centre of the screen, with Malus having his tentacles close in on the player. Here, the player must spam as fast as possible to repel the tentacles before they reach the player. After the player escapes this, he/she becomes a wave and must dodge a barrage of more tentacles. If Malus fails to kill the player here, he creates a black hole from his mouth which sucks in hazards, but the player is protected from being pulled in. The player must fly to avoid incoming debris that's being pulled in, and they must also be weary of rocks falling from the sky, which can also kill the player.

The last part of the level starts with Malus flying into space and the player pursuing him. The player must again spam as fast as possible to prevent Malus from colliding into the planet (this section is much harder than it looks, as the amount of spamming required is quite a lot for an easy demon). If the player succeeds in stopping Malus from colliding with the planet, the player is met with one of three endings that are triggered depending on which route the player takes at the start of the level.


  • This level was originally intended to be part of The Colossus, making it one huge XL level. However, Manix separated it into two parts when he lost some of his data.
  • Manix intends for this and his other art levels to be put into a gauntlet, as they all tie together into a greater story.


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