The Darkness
The Darkness
Level Information
Creator xcy7
Difficulty Medium Demon Medium Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 11737300
Song Earthsplitter
Composer Xtrullor

The Darkness is a demon level by Xcy7. It involves a wall of monsters chasing the player throughout the level, as well as lights dispelling the monsters. It generally has easy gameplay and simple skill required. It is generally considered a Very Easy Demon.


The level starts with a cube part with a starry background and the text "XCY-7". Then the wall of monsters appears and there is a moderately tricky cube section that is still easy. Then there is a moderately difficult ship part that has a few tight spaces. This is followed by a fast UFO section with a bunch of gravity portals, as well as speed portals that kill the player by making the monsters catch up to them. At the end of this part, the monsters are dispelled. This is followed by a ball part with a few moderately hard timings. Then there is another light to get rid of the monsters. Then there is a tricky fast cube part with a bunch of memorization. The monsters are dispelled by a light at the end of this part. Then there is a rather tricky dual cube part. This is followed by a very easy ship section with a black hole art. Then there is a hard UFO section with some timings. This is followed by a ship part that is a bit tight. Then there is a moderately hard wave part, with a final light at the end, and the text "Thanks for playing".


  • This level surprisingly lacks size portals, the robot gamemode, and user coins.
  • The first UFO has a quite original gameplay concept, one replicated by Ultra Drivers.


Geometry Dash - The Darkness01:12

Geometry Dash - The Darkness

Credits to Xcy7.

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