Not to be confused with The Edge (Milesman34).

The Edge
Level Information
Creator Geometry Legendssss (Honeyb, Dudex, RayOriens. Gremar320. TrueApature, TechNet, Destiny, Blaster342, Eduard0, Landest, Tygrysek (Verified by Landest))
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars 0 Star
Level ID 17989957
Song The Edge (Ft. Lockyn)
Composer Detious

The Edge is a particularly difficult mega collaboration created by the members of Team Geometry Legendssss.

It is currently unrated as of now, and awaits a new rating, it is expected to be an insane or very hard demon once rated.

The level was verified by Landest.


Honeyb: Starts as a hard mini wave mode, filled with fakes and trolls, the level of the name will be shown after finding the correct way, the words: "He awaits..." can be seen with low-detail mode. It is followed by a hard ship mode consists of tight spaces and timings. Then the word: "Forever" along with a pair of glowing white eyes will appear.

Dudex: A moderately hard cube mode, consists of fakes, timings, and memorization. There are sudden moving traps that will confuse the player and likely crash. There is a brief robot mode in the end. (Pictured)

RayOriens: A hard mini ball mode. There is a moving platform that makes the player be a little more cautious while going through this particular section, but the spikes there will not hit the player. The game mode will turn into a brief ship mode in the end of RayOriens' part then a brief but very hard ball mode.

GreMar320: A ship mode consists of clicking 2 green jump rings, straight flying segment, and timings. During this, GreMar320's name can be seen in the background. Following the ship, the next game mode is a UFO mode consisting of timings, followed by a wave mode that requires mashing.

TrueApature: Then, the next game mode is a hard UFO mode due to the amount of invisible and unnoticed gravity portals, jump rings, and precise timing. Then halfway through is a wave mode.

TechNet: A moderately hard robot mode, consists only of somehow, timings and memorization.

Destiny: A fairly hard ball mode, followed by an easy dual cube mode in the end. This is also one of the most overdecorated parts.

Blaster342: A ridiculously hard mini wave mode, due to the tight spaces, crucial timings, and dual mode. Then, followed by a hard UFO mode then, ship mode. Then, a brief but moderately hard UFO mode.

Eduard0: An another decorative part. It is a UFO and ship mode consisting of timings and clicking a jump pads.

Landest: a hard dual wave mode, because the slopes will appear spontaneously followed by a brief ship mode.

Tygrysek: A somehow, easy ship mode, consisting only of dodging some objects in a parallax effect, the background also has a parallax effect too, Tygrysek's name can be seen afterwards.

Then, the level ends with the number of people who participated.


  • This the first mega-collaboration ever made by Geometry Legendssss, the second mega collaboration is Work in-progress.
  • It took 12k attempts for Landest to verify.

User Coins

This level contains 3 bronze user coins, however the first one is the hardest one to obtain, while the second one is easier.

  • The first user coin is located at Honeyb's part, at 12%. The player must go up carefully and time their flight due to the tight spaces, obtaining the first coin.
  • The second user coin is located at the last part, at Tygrysek's part. Its practically easy to be obtain as you must skillfully go straight to it with ease.
  • The third user coin can be obtained in the end as a reward.


Geometry Dash - HARD DEMON - The Edge by Landest and More!

Geometry Dash - HARD DEMON - The Edge by Landest and More!

Credits to Gaming Horizon