The Hawth Bowserth
God eater
Level Information
Creator Satanoth (creator), Hota1991, Manix648, Knobbelboy, NoctaFly, Terron, R3XX3R, Mulpan, Partition, Andromeda, Surv, TrusTa, Riot, Sunix and Michigun, set to be verified by TrusTa
Difficulty Extreme Demon Extreme Demon (hopefully)
Stars 10 Star
Level ID TBA
Song lia;quo: Crystal Corrpution (Nightcore Remix)
Composer NightcoreMusic

The Hawth Bowserth is a 2.1 upcoming XL Extreme Demon by Satanoth and more. It is currently set to verified by TrusTa. It is a remake of God Eater and The Hydragaryu. This level contains 600,000 objects and is the most used objects in Geometry Dash history.


Knobbelboy, TrusTa: The level starts off with a relatively hard rainbow-like ship sequence.

NoctaFly, Andromeda: This consists of an extreme timing section. Here, the player must outrun a giant behemoth to the left of the screen.

Mulpan, Partition, Knobbelboy, Andromeda, TrusTa: Here, the screen begins to turn hell themed, the wave segment is the hardest and longest section of this level. Then, Hawth Bowserth appears on the screen and says: "Are You Ready?" This signals the music drop, and the player enters a triple speed wave segment.

Surv: This is a half speed wave bossfight segment which later increases to triple speed. Here, Hawth Bowserth starts breathing fire at the player.

NoctaFly, Michigun: This is a robot bossfight section, which consists of penta spikes and Hawth starts shooting lasers at the player.

Knobbelboy (again): This consists of a spider segment. Here, the player starts to firing the enemy and defeats them. Causes a flashing screen and nuclear explosion shows himself, and the creator credits are shown. Then, the level ends.


  • This level is set to be harder than God Eater and Yatagarasu.
  • Hawth Bowserth was inspired by a video game called God of War, which is Zeus mixed with Ares. Horns is inspired Balrog and Smaug (both from Lord of the Rings) mix.

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