The JanuS Miracle
The Cancer Miracle
Level Information
Creator Megadere
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 918766
Song How to Clutterfunk
Composer ItsAdvyStyles

The JanuS Miracle is a 1.7 Insane Demon created by Megadere. It is known for having ridiculously hard gameplay, extremely buggy sections, and ridiculous ship sequences. It is currently rated Insane Demon.

Gameplay Edit

The level starts with a long cube sequence with many fakes and evil timings that look like bugs and sometimes are. Then there is a slow easy wave with several gravity portals. There is then a moderately difficult mini ship, leading into the drop and a mini ball part. The ball part has lots of memory and some timings. Midway through, it shows the text "So Easy", foreshadowing the extremely hard ship part. The ship part in mention starts with an extremely hard section with invisible sawblades that are much tighter than they look. Then you have to choose from 2 paths. The upper path has a fake that makes it possible while the lower path will kill you. Then there is a rather tight ship part where one of the sides has lines. However, later you have to get the fake coin which is extremely tight, because the upper path will kill you. Then there is a very long buggy timing and memory based cube part. The level ends with a Clutterfunk-styled gameplay segment but with crystals instead of regular blocks.

Trivia Edit

  • The level used to be impossible until the 1.9 level update.
  • The level used to be much harder in the second version.
  • The creator is also known as Gerald Dugall or Janus.
  • This level is listed as hacked due to bugs and buggy gameplay, as well as the fact it was verified several times.
  • The level has been through only two updates.
  • The level was originally a 1.8 level, where it didn't have the crystals at the end.
  • Theoretically, the update that added the crystals at the end would have occurred after Another World was created.
  • The level changed from Extreme to Insane Demon on May 17, 2017. Before that, it had been considered the easiest Extreme Demon.
  • This level is known for having the hardest ship part in the whole game.
  • On July 18, 2017 the level received a major buff. It was considered almost impossible by many.
    • After this buff, It became an Extreme Demon.
    • However, it was reverted to its original version.

Walkthrough Edit

The JanuS Miracle - Megadere (Easy Demon)

The JanuS Miracle - Megadere (Easy Demon)

Credits to Surv.