The Mechanism
Level Information
Creator Triaxis
Difficulty Demon Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 7757896
Song RadioCutter
Composer Waterflame

The Mechanism is a demon level by TriAxis. It is known for skill-based sections, as well as many fakes. It is generally considered an Easy Demon.


The level generally uses a industrial style. It uses shading in some parts. The main exception is the wave near the end, which uses sloping obstacles and glowy pieces.


The level starts with a triple speed auto cube. It then has a slow wave with several tight spaces and fakes. Then there is a relatively simple ball part, which leads into a cube part with 1 yellow orb, going back into a similar ball part. Then there is a short cube part with several orbs, where the player needs to touch the last orb. Then it goes into a triple speed ship, with a short cube part with a yellow orb. Then there is a similar UFO section. Then it leads into a slow cube part with some jumps, followed by a moderately tricky orb section. It then leads into a triple speed dual and the drop of the level, with the text "TRI" shown there. The dual section is tricky, and requires memorization, while containing several size and speed portals to make it harder. Then there is a memorization ball part which has several fakes. Then there is a short cube part with only one jump. Then there is a wave part with several gravity portals as well as obstacles that rise out of a sloping obstacle. Then there is an auto cube part with the text "BREAK IT DOWN" flashing in a way to provide music sync. Then there are 2 short UFO parts separated by a cube part with a yellow orb. Then there is a short slow cube part with some invisible spikes, and then the level ends. It shows "GG" at the end.


  • TriAxis verified the level on his phone but couldn't record. Therefore, he made a cut version of the video.
  • The level is only 52 seconds long.


Gameplay by Krazyman50

Geometry Dash - The Mechanism by TriAxis (Demon) Complete01:05

Geometry Dash - The Mechanism by TriAxis (Demon) Complete

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