Not to be confused with the other Nine Circles remake, The Realistic.

The RealistiK
Level Information
Creator SeveranceD (Demonism)
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 13510597
Song Cry
Composer Xtrullor

The RealistiK is 2.0 Hard Demon created by SeveranceD (formerly Demonism). It is generally considered a very hard demon. Its difficulty goes between Jawbreaker and Nine Circles. It's debatable if this level is as hard as Poltergeist. The RealistiK is one of SeveranceD's two demon levels in-game, the other being Mental Torture, which is rated an insane demon, while this one is rated as a hard demon. The defining feature of this level's difficulty is the fact that there are so many fakes, invisible objects and decor in the wave segment that it is almost impossible to tell what the player is actually doing, even for the most experienced Nine Circles players, similar to Circulatum. This level has a gold color scheme, but is brighter than that of Sharp Minor, which leans more to a brown-like color.


The RealistiK begins as a very difficult cube segment. The text "LET'S GO", "THE REALISTIK" (in reverse because of a mirror portal) and "BY DEMONISM" can be seen in the first 5% of the level or so. The first 5% is okay to do, but this quickly will change for the player as a speedy cube maze with lots of confusing obstacles, invisible objects and jump rings everywhere will instantly throw the player off. Some areas even contain text and arrows that may guide or try to fail the player. If the player gets through this cube, then they are taken to the wave where the music drops. The level introduces the Nine Circles wave mode. This level's wave mode is especially different, because it is easily one of the most confusing wave modes in a Nine Circles level. Instead of using tight spaces and hard wave segments, it instead throws in so much decoration, fakes, and invisible portals and speed changers that it is practically impossible to see what is going on in the level, meaning the only way the player can easily pass the wave is with some good wave skills and very good memorization. Throughout the wave, there are many hard to spot obstacles, including sawblades and spikes, with tons of speed changers and brief dual segments. At the end of the level, the player will be a single speed mini wave and can see the text "DEMONISM", the creator's former username, a lenny face, and the text "GG". If the player does not crash into more of the hard to see sawblades, the level will end.

User Coins

The level contains one bronze user coin. That user coin is located at the very beginning of the wave and is invisible to the player, hidden behind what appears to be a giant block that would cause the player to crash.


  • Both this and Mental Torture features invisible portals, jump rings, and hard parts, which is the style of their creator, SeveranceD.
  • This Nine Circles demon easily has the least amount of mode switching, with only two different modes, a cube and a wave.
  • This level has probably one of the longest wave-to-buffer zone ratios of all Nine Circles levels, having the wave take up almost 80% of the level.


HAPPY 2016 - Geometry Dash Demon (Hard) - The RealistiK by Demonism

HAPPY 2016 - Geometry Dash Demon (Hard) - The RealistiK by Demonism

Credits to Valmnein. It seems that this is the first legit record of The RealistiK.