Theory of Alchemy
Level Information
Creator TheKris and Duke
Difficulty Extreme DemonExtreme Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 15152041
Song Theory of Everything 2
Composer DJ-Nate

Theory of Alchemy is a 2.0 Extreme Demon created by TheKris and Duke for LazerBlitz's creator contest. It is known for tight spaces, hard timings, and a bit of memory. It is generally considered an Insane or Extreme Demon, but it is not in the Top 100 in the Official Geometry Dash Demonlist.

Gameplay Edit

The level starts with a rather tricky cube section with some hard timings. Text at the end shows "LazerBlitz's CC1." Next, there is a very hard ship sequence with lots of tight spaces as well as gravity portals and green jump orbs. Then there are short but hard ball and UFO segments. This is followed by a very tight wave segment with lots of mashing and size portals. Then there is an auto cube part followed by a very hard robot segment with lots of tricks and hard timings. A cloud shows the text "Take a break....." At the end of this part it shows the text "Danger!" Afterwards, there is a hard ship sequence which is basically a maze. The moving walls move in such a way to possibly trap the player, so good straight flying skills and reflexes are required. Afterwards, there is a very difficult half speed cube segment that consists of some hard timings. Next, there is another ship sequence based on holding down and a half speed cube segment with a few hard timings. Then there is a boss-fight that starts with a lot of straight flying, and then has a very tight triple speed wave with a lot of mashing. This is followed by a very tricky ball part that eventually shows the text "You Win" followed by the boss disappearing. There is then a half speed ship sequence and a UFO part with huge numbers of gravity portals. There is then a mini ship with Theory of Everything 2-inspired game-play but tighter and with visible sawblades. There is then a transition to a slow cube that shows a demon face and the text "Theory of Alchemy" and "Kris & Diego". The slow cube later has a lot of hard timings. This is followed by a very difficult ball part followed by a rather tight wave segment. There is then a rather hard cube part with some timings followed by a ship where you hold up and an auto cube jump leading into the end of the level.

User Coins Edit

  • The first coin is located in the maze-like ship part at 42%, the player must fly through a fake to reach it.
  • The second coin is located in the ship part at 68%, where the player must fly above the sawblades to reach it.
  • The third coin is located at the end of the level as a reward for completing the level.

Trivia Edit

  • The level has sparked some controversy over it possibly being hacked, even with a verification video being uploaded by the creator.
  • During the second-to-last cube section, there is a triple spike with the text "Michi," as a tribute to Michigun.

Walkthrough Edit

Very Hard Demon (All Coins) - Theory Of Alchemy - By TheKris And Duke - Geometry Dash 2

Very Hard Demon (All Coins) - Theory Of Alchemy - By TheKris And Duke - Geometry Dash 2.0

Credits to AviilaRX2X.