Theory of Firepower
Theory of Firepower
Level Information
Creator Dorami
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 4115525
Song Firepower
Composer Dr. Phonics

Theory of Firepower is a Hard Demon level by Dorami. It is known mainly for intense memorization as well as timings and a few skill-based sections. It is generally considered a Medium, Hard, or Insane Demon, sometimes an easy demon.


The level starts with a long and very confusing cube segment. There are numerous tight jumps that include a slew of gravity and size portals. At the end, the text "Get On It" appears. Next, there is a quite difficult UFO segment with numerous scattered obstacles as well as size and gravity portals to deal with, mixed together with a bunch of speed portals. This long UFO segment is separated by an auto ball section. Then there is a difficult dual cube segment with a bunch of size portals as well as a few gravity portals. This part has lots of memorization and a few timings. Then there is a brief, simple dual mini ball segment with a single timed jump. This is followed by a memorization based cube part with many tricks and various portals. This leads into a wave segment with a few tight spaces in mirror mode, with a few speed portals. Then there is a ball part with a few timings and many invisible blocks and spikes. Four iterations of the text "Keep Going!" appear. Then there is a mirrored ship sequence with some simpler straight flying. This is followed by a ball segment with a few timings. Then there is a UFO part with a few portals to negotiate. Then there is a rather simple mini ship with easy spaces that aren't that tight. Then there is a mini cube part which requires 2 jumps over invisible spikes. Then there is a mini wave with a few tight spaces involving gears and spikes, and the text "Dorami" in block form. Then, the level ends.


  • The level was originally easier.
  • This is easier than the hardest version, which contained numerous buffed sections and confusing areas.
  • The level originally ended with a mini UFO segment.


Geometry Dash 2.0 - 'Theory of FirePower' Updated 1

Geometry Dash 2.0 - 'Theory of FirePower' Updated 1.6 -Super EASY Old Version!!-