Level Information
Creator Jo2000
Difficulty Hard DemonHard Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 17518686
Song Tria
Composer Xtrullor

Titanity is a demon level by Jo2000. It is known mainly for great backgrounds and an epic bossfight, as well as many difficult sections. It is generally considered to be a Medium Demon or a Hard Demon.


The level starts with a slow upside-down wave that eventually changes gravity. It is possible to access a "Low Detail" box at the beginning of this part. Then there is a mini ship with a few tight spikes, as well as several sawblades and monsters made of spikes to avoid. The first coin is also here, and can be reached through some straight flying. Then there is a moderately hard UFO part with several tricky gravity portals and orbs. This is followed by an auto wave part, and then a mini ball part with a few tricky timings. The second coin is also located in the ball part, which requires the player to miss a green orb at 28%. Then there is a slow tight wave part. At one point, it will display the text "Hold". However, that spam part is actually auto. After that, it becomes a rather difficult mini wave. Then there is a moderately difficult mini ship with a few more monsters made out of spikes. This is followed by an auto cube part. The first part here has a starry background with a big "J". There is also another "Low Detail" box to grab if needed. This leads into the drop, an intense fast wave with some tight spaces. This wave section is separated by an auto cube part. Then there is a rather tight ship part. Throughout this section, there is an intense starry glowing background. Then there is a tricky mini UFO with some fast clicking required. Then there is another fast-paced wave part with a bit of mashing at the end. Then there is a relatively easy dual ball section. This is followed by a UFO part with some fast clicking as well as a teleportation portal, and then a wave mashing part. Then there is a short ship section followed by a relatively easy UFO part and another ship part that starts off easily. This results in the bossfight, where the player takes on an extremely detailed ship designed to block the fireballs headed for an extremely detailed robot. After many fireballs come at the player, there will be one last huge fireball that will move up and down. If the player manages to continuously block that fireball, then they will beat the level. The end of the level is a robot part that displays the text "J", as well as a passing Lenny face. The third coin is also located at the end of the level as a reward for beating the level.


  • It is possible to avoid going upside-down at the first wave by holding at the beginning of the level.
  • The robot bossfight in this level is actually the robot you get for completing Deadlocked.


TITANITY - OUT NOW! (17518686)01:59

TITANITY - OUT NOW! (17518686)

The verification of Titanity. Credita to Jo2000 for this video.

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