For more general information on the a Toxin Lab series as a whole, see Toxin Lab (series).

Toxin Lab
Level Information
Creator Xaro
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars 9Star
Level ID 6531884
Song Supernova
Composer Xtrullor

Toxin Lab is a very hard level by Xaro, and the first in his Toxin Lab Series.

The level uses the first drop in the song.


Toxin Lab is Xaro's first level in the Toxin Lab series. The level features extremely epic designs and beautiful effects. Yet the level is still rated an Insane 9 stars.

The level is yet hard due to the huge amounts of fakes, trolls, and constant gravity and mirror changes.


  • This is the only insane rated Toxin Lab in the series.
  • Toxin Lab, Toxin Lab II, Toxin Lab III and Toxin Lab IV, are the 4 levels in the series, while Deadly Impact (A collaboration with FunnyGame) is a remake of Toxin Lab II.
  • This level is 1 of the 3 levels in the Toxin Lab series that uses Supernova as its song, along with its sequel, Toxin Lab II and a remake of it, Deadly Impact.


Geometry Dash - Toxin Lab - By Xaro (me)01:09

Geometry Dash - Toxin Lab - By Xaro (me)

Credits to Xaro.

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