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The Toxin Lab series is a popular personal level series created by Xaro. They tend to use Xtrullor music.

Toxin Lab

The original level which is rated Insane.

Toxin Lab II

Possibly the most famous of the series, due to the fact it is classified as an easy demon. This level and the 1st Toxin Lab was made in 1.9.

Toxin Lab III

The third instalment to the series, Toxin Lab III introduces many extremely distracting effects, one of the most notable being the broken screen. It is characterised by its constant blind form changes.

Deadly Impact

A somewhat unofficial member of the Toxin Lab family, Deadly Impact can be seen as a v2 of Toxin Lab II, and is a collab between Xaro himself and FunnyGame.

Toxin Lab IV

The fourth level of the series, was made between 2.0 and 2.1 so the level mostly consists of 2.0 part and has 2.1 parts on the last part of the level.

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